What is Mitigation?

Mitigation refers to a set of facts or contentions that mitigate/reduce the seriousness or gravity of a situation. Usually, when a person’s rights are breached due to another person’s negligence, the damages incurred can be reduced with the help of mitigation. It makes an otherwise tricky situation less severe.

In mitigation, the plaintiff is expected to exercise restraint to minimize the loss that occurred. All necessary and reasonable steps should be taken by the claimant, failing which full damages cannot be recovered.

What are Damages?

Damage is the sum of money given in the form of compensation to the defendant. The plaintiff makes restitution to the defendant for causing injury, harm, or loss of any kind to the party. Damage, in the form of pecuniary compensation, is usually awarded, proportional to the injury caused.

There are two types of damages — Liquidated Damages and Unliquidated Damages.

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