Conflict Coaching

Hemenway-Law, offers strategic conflict coaching to assist individuals and businesses in managing conflict and making strategic decisions before incurring expensive litigation fees. This process may involve individual sessions with a neutral third party coach to discuss options, and the pros and cons of alternative solutions. It can also involve a third party neutral professional acting to mediate differences between parties at any stage in the dispute process. This process is non-confrontational and private.

Case Consultation 

Hemenway-Law offers consultation services working on a retainer. This is designed to fit your needs and budget. Case Consultation service offers security in knowing that you have an attorney available if or when you need one. With this service you are not put in a position of scrambling to find legal assistance when life takes you by surprise. 

Contract Attorney

Hemenway-Law offers a la carte legal services to meet your needs.  This may involve helping you review contracts, prepare or review lease agreements or working with you in assessing your legal options on an hourly fee basis rather than through a retainer agreement.  These services are tailored to meet your individual needs and to help you understand your legal options without committing to extensive litigation.


At Hemenway-Law, we understand that family law issues are emotionally charged and often involve complex situations. It is our goal to work with both parties individually or together to resolve custody, support, divorce or post divorce issues as amicably as possible. Our services are personalized to your needs because family law issues are personal. Our ultimate goal is to assist you in reconciling domestic disputes in a private and dignified manner. Family conflicts generally resolve more amicably long term when the parties can reach a settlement agreement outside of a courtroom.

Family Law

At Hemenway-Law, our approach is personalized to assist you and your family find real solutions for real problems. While navigating your disputes with compassion and dignity, our services are tailored to meet your individual needs which may require thinking outside the box to find solid legal solutions. We focus on using mediation principles when possible to protect you from accumulating exorbitant court costs and legal fees, all while helping you maintain as much privacy as possible. Many firms have pre-built packages that can appear affordable on the surface, but can become costly if complications arise.


At Hemenway-Law, our approach is professional and tailored to meet your needs while maintaining your privacy and reputation. Our goal is to assist both sides in mediating some or all of the disputed issues in their case in a cost effective, efficient and timely manner. When complex legal issues arise, mediation has been proven to offer the quickest and most cost effective means to resolve them. 

Cases suitable for mediation are disputes in personal injury, divorce, elder law, domestic relations and any case that does not involve complex procedural or evidentiary based issues. Everything that occurs during mediation is completely confidential. 

At Hemenway Law, we focus on helping real people with real problems find real solutions. 

Wills & Estates

At Hemenway-Law, our approach is personalized to assist you in building your legacy. Our services are tailored to meet your individual needs which may require thinking outside the box to find solid legal solutions. Many firms have pre-built packages that can appear affordable on the surface, but can become surprisingly costly if complications arise.

Laural recognizes there are barriers to traditional estate planning. She helps you overcome them by having all of her services highly accessible to her clients. You can meet her in her office, have a virtual meeting via Google Meets or she can even come to you! 

Laural uses a compassionate strategic approach when drawing up your will or creating an estate plan. Her attention to detail is unparalleled and she views all of her clients as unique individuals, not just a case number.


Mitigation refers to a set of facts or contentions that mitigate/reduce the seriousness or gravity of a situation. Usually, when a person’s rights are breached due to another person’s negligence, the damages incurred can be reduced with the help of mitigation. It makes an otherwise tricky situation less severe.

In mitigation, the plaintiff is expected to exercise restraint to minimize the loss that occurred. All necessary and reasonable steps should be taken by the claimant, failing which full damages cannot be recovered.

Child Custody Lawyer

One of the challenges when spouses divorce is which parent will have custody of the children if there are kids involved in the dissolved marriage. Child custody is a very sensitive issue to handle under family law. The focus is on the spouses’ attorneys to convince to judge who should have the custody of the children. The parents in conjunction with their lawyers and the court must decide what they think is the best for the children. This is because a divorce could leave a significant psychological impact on the children.

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